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Sisters, Debbie Van Den Broek and Tracie Williams, decided to bring RentAssured to Rotorua in 2016. RentAssured had strong systems in place and Rotorua had a lack of property managers offering a more personalised service.

Debbie has 35 years of experience in property investment, is a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, REAA 2008, and has been President of the Rotorua Property Investors Association for the past 6 years. She has built up and managed her own property portfolio for the past 25 years. She also managed a small number of properties owned by private clients and looks after friends investment properties whenever they are on holiday.

In 2009 Debbie won the Department of Building and Housing, Landlord of the Year competition. Since 2014 Debbie has worked as a property Finder for 'I Find Property' helping other investors buy great investment properties in the Bay of Plenty.

Debbie also is a local Justice of the Peace and currently completing her Judicial JP course.

Tracie has a strong commitment to customer service having owned two very successful businesses in Auckland for the past 21 years.

• 2000 - Best Barber in Auckland
• 2014 - Best customer service Takapuna- (won three times)

Tracie decided to escape the rat race of Auckland and moved to a lifestyle block in Rotorua. She has been managing a private property portfolio as well as seeking out good investment properties in Rotorua.

Debbie & Tracie are creating a very special property management company in Rotorua. They are not looking to become huge and sell off the rent role to another company, neither do they want to maximise tenant churn to raise extra income from multiple letting fees.

Having viewed many hundreds of homes for sale in Rotorua over the past 2 years, they have seen first-hand the failings of poor tenant selection, building maintenance and property management.

Bringing RentAssured to Rotorua will give the ability to recreate a system that has worked well for the current portfolio with long term tenancies, tidy properties and rare tribunal applications.

Their goal is to create long term tenancies between responsible tenants, looking to make a property their well looked after home, and responsible landlords willing to ensure their properties are kept well looked after and maintained to the highest level.

They also hope to make many of their tenancies pet friendly so that responsible pet owners are not forced to live in poor quality housing, just because they love their pets. Both Debbie & Tracie have personally been in this position in the past and would like to make it easier for others in the future.

They have decided to limit their management portfolio size to ensure they can offer the personalised, bespoke service that is not currently available in Rotorua. They will not employ staff, thereby ensuring the standards they want to offer, are not diluted in any way. Feel free to contact us, I would love to share with you why your proven choice should be RentAssured as your Property Manager. I look forward to being your Rotorua Property Manager.


"When I planned an extended holiday overseas, Debbie was the obvious person to ask to babysit my rentals for me. She is thorough and asked for all relevant documents so I wouldn't need to put my hands on them while I was away if something happened. I was often out of coverage and with different time zones. I could enjoy my time knowing my tenants were in good hands."
Ruth Crampton

"Debbie Van den Broek has managed our rental properties for us on several occasions. Debbie is an extremely knowledgeable, organised and professional person and has all the skills required for property management. I have no hesitation in recommending Debbie as a Property manager."
J R McGovern

"Im very pleased to be able to do business with your company. I have to say that your rental management service has been exceptional. It is the best Ive ever had, and I have experience with a great many rental managers over 20 years in three countries. Because you understand investors so well, your priorities are aimed exactly at maximising rental returns, which includes giving the tenants an excellent renting experience."
Sue Carson

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